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Travel & Hospitality


Keep costs down, schedules tight, and demanding customers satisfied. Check, check, and check.

Our technology-enabled solutions transform the highly complex processes involved in getting people and things where they need to be without fail or delay.

We Serve

Real Estate & Property Services

Transform Real Estate services and deliver real value to your customers with our innovative solutions and deep industry expertise.

Restaurant & Food Services

Strengthen your brand and engage your guests in new ways by working with a leader in the restaurant and food service industry.

Travel Intermediaries

Our team has years of experience with Global Distribution System (GDS) platforms, as well as Retail and Online Travel companies.

Travel Supplies

GLB is a top service provider to the entire Travel Ribbon, serving airlines, hotel operators and vacation ownerships.


Trust GLB to deliver consulting and solutions tailored to the business and technology challenges all travel and hospitality companies face.

2017 Travel Study

Review the findings from our survey of early technology adopters, and find out how to get closer to your fastest‑moving customers.


A forecasting and planning solution that helps the restaurant industry build a highly accurate inventory and sales forecast, thereby reducing wastage and increasing productivity.

Our Thinking

La pedagogía abierta y la inclusividad en e-Learning

Blog ¿Y si en lugar de asignar a los estudiantes tareas desechables, les asignamos proyectos que son editables, reutilizables y que pueden distribuirse y aprovecharse, para lograr como resultado un aporte al curso, a la facultad y a la sociedad?

La educación se ha transformado en los últimos años. Uno de los cambios más emocionantes que ha sufr...

Beneficios que obtendrá al adquirir una plataforma de aula en línea (LMS)

Blog Beneficios-que-obtendrá-al-adquirir-una-plataforma-de-aula-en-línea-(LMS)

La mejor manera de poner en práctica sus habilidades es impartir un curso a través de una plataforma...


U.S. Casual Dining Company Benefits with Managed Services

After having outsourced its IT operations a decade ago, this GLB client became interested in better managing its F&A costs through managed services. With its A/P department a major cost center, the company saw this as a good starting point.

After we helped them transition this function successfully, the company opted to source several other F&A processes, including payroll management and restaurant accounting. This resulted in an expected total annual cost savings of 38% and millions of dollars.

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